About Us

Diverse in its ability to manage highly complicated construction for a wide variety of commercial categories ranging from restaurants and retail to spas, country clubs, banks, hotels, night clubs and stadium renovations, South Florida General Contractor RCC Associates is equally diverse in that it is one of the few woman-owned construction firms in the country.

Never static, the Florida Commercial General Contractor over the years has grown from a core clientele comprised of regional, national and international retail customers and has continually added an ever-widening market base, first with a restaurant construction division (which now represents more than half of RCC’s business) to a newly introduced division focusing on hospitality.

Today RCC Associates is considered among the nation’s most sought-after restaurant general contractors, having built 350 restaurants nationwide. Overall the firm has built more than 1,500 projects in 28 states over the course of its 40-plus-year history. Especially active for the general contractor, Miami has been a major region for new commercial construction. By hiring RCC, both corporations and entrepreneurs alike benefit from the type of management and craftsmanship that only time and experience can deliver.

And delivering projects on time and on budget is exactly what has built this Florida general contractor’s impeccable record and has resulted in its catch phrase slogan “We’re known by the companies that keep us.”