It is our corporate team approach that allows RCC Associates to always be attentive to and involved with our customers needs. It is the energy and creativity of our people that bring us forward year after year. President & CEO, Beverly Raphael, and Executive Vice President, Rick Rhodes, are hands-on owners that are involved in every project, as well as the day-to-day operations of the company.

At RCC, we firmly believe that the success of a project depends on thorough communication and pre-planning between all disciplines. We believe that success, not only for RCC, but for our clients, is a comprehensive team effort. By establishing open lines of communication, vision, goals, timing and budgetary requirements from conception to roll-out, we can create an environment that fosters mutual success. Each and every person at RCC is dedicated to making your project a success. We value our relationship with you, and strive to achieve excellence in every thing that we do. By understanding your values and goals, we hope to better serve and develop a long-term relationship with you, and this is what has made us so successful in our over 40 years in the specialized niche of high-end commercial construction.